Above all, learn to be patient with yourself.


Learning to be patient with yourself is actually learning to forgive yourself. Deep unapologetic forgiveness. Discover how to be patient with yourself.


Ok so, today’s thought of the week is…

Above all else, be patient with yourself…

Be patient with yourself to get it done.
Be patient with yourself to figure it out.
Be patient with yourself to heal.
Be patient with yourself to achieve.

You might be in a hurry.
You might have goals.
You might have places to be.

Patience, however, is energy to bring to all of these things.

Patience, in this case, is an element of self-forgiveness.

When we say be patient with yourself, what we are also saying is the following:

Forgive yourself when you don’t get it done.
Forgive yourself that you might not have it figured out yet.
Forgive yourself that you might not have healed yet.
Forgive yourself for not achieving as much as you wanted to.

It takes a lot of energy to forgive yourself.

It also releases even more.

Because you’re no longer punishing yourself for things that you never should have in the first place.

Even as an expert in this, I find myself constantly finding new things where I need to be patient with myself over and forgive myself for. No matter what, it never is a thing that I regret.

So tell me, if there is one thing you can forgive yourself for today, what would that be? It doesn’t have to be big at all. The smallest shifts are often the most profound.

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