Want to work with Sharam and learn more about surrender? Want to achieve your goals easy and effortlessly, below are some of the options he currently has available. If you don’t like anything, feel free to contact him directly.

Private Coaching Options

Sharam Namdarian Coaching

Private Coaching

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Learn to surrender, and work with Sharam Namdarian one on one via a Skype call to learn what is blocking you from achieving your goals and how to overcome that blockage.


Online Course Options

Most online courses (not including email courses) are held in an online learning portal. Upon signing up you’ll be directed back to a page where you can access your course(s). This page is hidden only to people who have purchased an online course.

Discover a deeper sense of self love towards your body and appearance. This one-off meditation has many different aspects that you can re-use it for in the future.

This is a 7 day course discussing some of the ideas of self love and your relationship with others. Remove the blockages that hold you back from connecting with others through self love.


Duration: 7 Days, one audio a day.
Cost: $147USD

A free two-week email course designed to help you let go and surrender to deeper emotions. One free mindset a day delivered to your email, designed to help you open up your mind body and soul.
An introductory email course.


Duration: 2 weeks,
One mindset delivered to your email a day.

Cost: Free