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The Story of Sharm Namdarian

My story is one of pain, conquering the world and eventual happiness.
I believe that we all are born happy and whole. Sure, as children, we can’t really do things for ourselves, but our soul is unburdened. It’s unrestrained and we are not full of shame, depression, anxiety. We aren’t full of fears that hold us back from being us. We cry when we need food and we laugh when we want to.
Paint Splat
So what happened to us when we grew up?
The thing is, I’ve found that most of us either inherit things that hold us back or learn them from the world around us. Without the proper tools to deal with them, we end up being inhibited and malformed versions of our true selves.

This is why we dream. This is why we fantasises.

This is why we have aspirations.

We know that the real self, the version of us, is hidden underneath. We want to become the true version of ourselves, but we can’t because we are held very firmly in the past. We have very logical thoughts that hold us there. We have very sound reasoning. We have cultural beliefs that no longer serve us.
I think it’s worth saying that we, as a human race, are spending most of our time racing and not really being that human.
Pain feels uncomfortable. True love feels uncomfortable. Being rich, happy and healthy, feels uncomfortable. We as a human race are innately dealing with some issues that stop us from being who we truely are. We are holding on to things that no longer serve us and work for us.
This, was me.
This was me because I found myself listening to advice that didn’t work for me.
I found myself trying to solve a lot of anxiety that I had for most of my life in ways that didn’t work for me.
Just like when we breath, we have to breath in and out, life asks us to do the same.
We breath in new ideas, and we also have to breathe them out.
It was during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic that all I had to do was go deep with meditation. Up until then I had noticed I wasn’t really being my true self in how I went about things in life. I would say one thing and often think another. I’d tell myself I would do something and not actually do it. As a result, I had developed a large variety of healing practises that enabled me to start peeling away the layers of who I really was.
Around the same time the virus started, I realised that all my practises and mantras that I had developed no longer worked for me.

I had to surrender, and I started to heal.

So I did. It was scary. I had protected myself with various beliefs and ideas about the world in order to try and make myself more confident, happy and social that I ultimately was stopping myself from dealing with the issues that held me back. The real me wanted to shine forth, and I knew I had to let go and actually deal with my emotions in order to come out.
It was in that moment that I learned to heal. I learned how to heal of all my emotions and, slowly, and surely started to churn through my “stock” of unresolved issues.
Most people, I’ve found, have a HUGE amount of unresolved issues. If you’ve ever found that you had to willpower your way through a situation in life, it’s that there is something holding you back.
In a matter of weeks I had resolved long standing issues that I had never realised I had. Then I started to notice behavioural changes that I had been wanting for a life time.
In a matter of months, others started noticing the changes as well.
Now, you meet me at the cusp of where I am with my life and my surrender and healing journey.
Everyday, life just keeps getting better. EVERY, GOD, DAMN, DAY!
Now, I am constantly working on improving my life through surrender and healing, to become the man I am destined to be, and I help others do the same.
No matter the gender, race, orientation or what ever. We are all humans, we all have emotions, and they either serve us or don’t.
It’s time to start emotionally surrendering.
I help others do this through free articles and videos, also programs.
I also do private coaching.
Remember, you can create the life you are born to have, you just have to start with surrendering the blocks to the small stuff first and heal.

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