One year of surrendering to emotional pain: results.


One year on of healing and surrendering to emotional pain has yeilded me some interesting results. Read more about it here.


Interesting observations about meditation:

So I’ve been teaching a process of inner healing for a little while now and I wanted to share a little bit of my own journey for a second.

It’s been super interesting.

The process I teach of surrender, to let yourself fully feel and witness what ever it is that’s currently going on, no matter how dark, can be confronting for some people.

Overall, as you do it, fears of anxiety turn to excitement, pain turns to pleasure and we overall increase our capacity for life in general.

This was a thing I wanted to share about pain to pleasure.

I’ve spent the year surrendering to feelings of emotional pain, pains like
“Nobody likes me”
“I’m not enough”
“I’m worthless”

Pains that are not current, but suppressed unresolved issues of the past.

Now, most of these have resolved themselves. The biggest one, of feeling worthless, is still in a process. Through my healing journey I’ve discovered that I used to overcompensate because a deep inner part of me felt worthless.

I tried hard (though there is nothing wrong with this), and in turn got less results because we tend to stay emotionally in the same place.

Now, one year on, I’ve resolved so much of that pain that it’s significantly less of an issue. Now, healing it is no longer painful, but rather extraordinarily pleasurable. Like that emotional pipe has bean cleared.

One of the consequences is that I’m now emotionally available to hear how I’m not, while before I almost unconsciously sought out experiences of why I was “less than.”

We tend to stay emotionally in the same place for a while, especially if we’ve got some deep shit rearing it’s ugly head.

If you’d like to hear why I shaved my head, let me know in the comments. It’s on a similar vein.

Thanks for reading.

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