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Turn your life into what you’ve always dreamed through deep emotional surrender.

Unblock problem situations. Solve long standing issues.
Open your heart and mind up to the answer you need.

Unstuck your life.

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Some outcomes:

Unblock the flow of love in your relationships and make your relationship(s) effortless.

Let go off sexual and emotional hang ups and develop deeper intimacy with your partner.

Letting go of what false rules of love you’ve developed or inherited can open you up to new and greater experiences. 

Make active healing steps towards having your marriage function better.

Sometimes healing brings you to realise that the relationship was not working or that you weren’t happy. Healing can transition you to your next relationship with ease.

When the blocks keeping you down are healed you can develop a sense of unconditional happiness. This is a sort of “meta-happiness” that is there even when life knocks you down.

Sometimes we can be stuck in our life. Creating change can become easy once the underlying issues have been healed and resolved.

Often we can get confused with the content of our life and who we really are. Healing the blocks towards seeing what we really are can lead us to having an unquestionable sense of self.

A side effect of the healing process is emotional growth. An ability to see within yourself and others things you haven’t been able to see before.

Self love is what ever you want it to be, and once the blocks have been healed you’ll discover more and more of an undying gratitude towards yourself. Really does make life easier.

The process of healing itself, processing past traumas ultimately leads you to being unaffected by them. You will learn from them and be able to move on with your life fully.

Deep forgiveness of others is great but we are also talking about deep forgiveness in yourself. An allowing of such deep self love that others will feel and forgive you also.

The original bread and butter of Sharam, using healing as a method of healing the blocks to love just makes it EASIER and EFFORTLESS.

Any form of anxiety you have can often be linked to an unprocessed or unhealed part of ones self. Upon deep surrender to the underlying issues you’ll find anxiety quickly transforms to its next form: excitement. 

This is not a numbing of one’s self but a deep acceptance.

Often erectile issues can be related to emotions. Deep unresolved and unhealed issues. Once this is healed you’ll find you’ll re-orientate your sexual experiences to allow for greater arousal. 

Also, things that caused you erectile issues will no longer cause you such issues.

Yes, I said it. Healing not only gives you a better attention to detail for you to work on your appearance but the real truth is:


Meaning, that often our emotions are written on our face, that the prettiest person genetically can look and appear repulsive as their issues are transmitted across the tiny micro-muscles in their face.

One thing that can happen during a coaching session is a before and after photo taken DURING the call, and you’ll see a HUGE difference. These photos are private.

Sharam is constantly learning and evolving the technology behind emotional healing to solve new problems.


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